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The pitfalls of having us double glazing installed by the big national upvc double glazing installers

Everyone has heard the stories or experienced the double glazing salesman calling uninvited to your homes and offering you  " unbelievable " deals on their " top of the range " replacement double glazed upvc windows and doors..

Pitfalls of having upvc windows & doors installed by the big national double glazing installers


The winter has just begun. The wind is howling through the doors and windows. The conservatory is chilly and the whole house is drafty and cold. What you really need is to replace your existing windows and doors with upvc alternatives, but who do you contact to take on the job?

We’ve all seen the double glazing adverts. Being so loud, self-asserting and broadcast during the prime time slots, we can’t miss the likes of the Safestyle UK adverts. But can we trust Reg Holdsworth, the infamously loud Safestyle Window Man, when he hollers through our TV sets that double glazed windows, upvc doors, double glazed units and conservatory repairs are better done with Safestyle UK?


In a word ‘no’.


Take a look at the following pitfalls of having upvc windows and doors installed by the big national double glazing installers and why you would be better off finding your own local supplier.


High pressure sales tactics


High sales pressure tactics are designed to perplex their victims, those on the receiving end of such aggressive strategies. With a double glazing salesman/woman droning on about the merits of their upvc windows, door and conservatories, it is quite easy to lose your better judgement. “Act now” is the mantra of a high pressure sales squeeze and more often than not consumers are almost forced into taking action before they have really had time to think about it.


High prices


Of course prime time TV adverts featuring Z-list celebrities and employing skilled and experienced salesmen/women who are earning high levels of commission, come at a price. These costs are typically put onto the cost of the so-called ‘cheap’ upvc windows you are about to purchase or the upvc window sill you are about to sign on the dotted line for.

The large national double glazing installers can afford such ‘glamorous’ marketing campaigns and comprehensive sales tactics because they ask much higher prices for a product and service which is essentially no better than the products and services offered by your local double glazing tradesman in Manchester.


The alternative?


Of course nobody wants to fall prey to high pressure sales tactics and pay more of their hard-earned money for something they could have got cheaper by simply taking control of their own upvc window and door installation project.


Source recommended tradespeople online


Word of mouth is a great strategy when sourcing quality local tradespeople but if your neighbours’ don’t know of any local double glazing companies that promise quality and value then take advantage of websites such as ratedpeople.com.

Homeowners who have found tradesman through Rated People can leave ratings. A local double glazing supplier with a number of great reviews will give you peace of mind that the purchase and installation of your double glazed front doors will be carried out efficiently and you won’t be paying a fortune to fund Reg Holdsworth’s excruciatingly loud Safestyle Window Man TV advert campaign.

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" well the price for your 3 windows sir/madam should be £25000 but if you sign tonight we will offer you the same 3 windows for £6000 with FREE FITTING! "..... what a bargain eh

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