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Many people are now seeing the benefits of buying their own supply only upvc conservatories direct from the manufacturer and either building and fitting themselves or project managing the work and saving themself £1000's

Benefits of buying supply only upvc conservatories

Giving us an extra room that is bathed in light, is utra-stylish and looks out across the garden, it is hardly surprising conservatories are a popular feature of home-ownership. Unlike expensive and time-consuming extensions that require complex planning permission, a conservatory is a cost-effective and straight-forward way to add space and value to your home.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a conservatory attached to your home. But where do you start in your quest to find a quality, value for money conservatory that will look great and last for many years?


A supply only upvc conservatory would be a good place to start. But why?


Save thousands of pounds

Whether it’s flying to Spain for our holidays or having attaching a upvc conservatory to our home, we all want to get the best deal. Supply only upvc conservatories are a great way to get a quality conservatory at a fraction of the cost a Wickes conservatory, for example, might cost.  

With supply only conservatories – also known as a DIY conservatory – you purchase the conservatory only and either erect the structure yourself or get a builder to erect it. Consequently, you have the freedom to shop around for a quality builder who provides good value for money, cut out building costs entirely by installing the upvc conservatory yourself, and negotiate the price of the conservatory. Whatever way you look at it, your upvc conservatory project will be considerably cheaper with a supply only service.


Who wants a run-of-the-mill standardised conservatory when you can go bespoke?

Another great advantage of buying a supply only conservatory is that you have the freedom to choose your own design, style, size, shape and colour. For example, you may want a Georgian-style conservatory to go with your Georgian house. Or you may want an elegant Gable End conservatory that is in-keeping with the overall graceful appeal of your home. The area in which you want to erect the conservatory might be small and awkwardly-shaped. Whatever style, shape and size of conservatory you require, with supply only products, you are in control of how your conservatory looks.


Have control of your DIY conservatory project

From not being mithered by an over-zealous sales man or woman, whose only concern is getting hordes of commission in their pay cheque, to being able to decide the size, design and shape of your additional room, supply only upvc conservatories give you complete control of this important home improvement project.


By effectively cutting out the middle man and paying considerably less for your upvc conservatory building project, you’ll be able to spend more on furnishing your conservatory to really ensure you get the most out of your new living space, all year round.  

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